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3 musicians • 6 instruments • 200 years of music

What we offer

Three musicians rehearsing on baroque cello, musette and harpsichord

Our Programmes

AB24 offers attractive, easily accessible programmes of Baroque music, typically mixing less well-known repertoire from England and Scotland with works by the great German and Italian composers such as Bach and Vivaldi. AB24 are also keen exponents of French baroque music, an interest that has led Amanda to become one of only a handful of players of the Musette, delicate eighteenth-century French bagpipes favoured by Louis IV.

Programmes offered by AB24 blend trio sonatas (for two recorders, recorder and violin or recorder and musette) with solo sonatas for recorder, violin, musette or cello (with harpsichord) and include works for solo violin, cello, recorders or harpsichord.

AB24 in concert with Baroque cello and two recorders

Education Work

Since its inception, AB24 have given concerts for music societies across Scotland. Their combined educational experience leads to a natural enthusiasm for educational work and they are delighted when they can combine workshops in schools with a nearby concert!


Our testimonials

With such a myriad of instrument combinations this concert is destined to be memorable.
Arran Banner
The transcription for recorders and cello gave the piece a transparency that enhanced the contrapuntal texture beautifully.
Inverurie Advertiser
The audience was both intrigued and delighted with this novelty [the musette].
Alan Cooper
At the end of their well devised programme, AB24 received warm applause for their very fine musicianship and interesting talks.
Alistair Massey

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